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Durastill Water Distiller for Pure Drinking Water

Hudson Saw & Tool is the authorized dealer in Southern Oregon for Durastill Distillers, a leading name in the development of fan-cooled water distillers since 1970. If you’re considering a purified drinking water system for your business, home or office, give us a call. Durastill distillation equipment is known for producing the purest water by killing bacteria by boiling temperatures and capturing residue, minerals and pollutants in the original raw water.

Our complete line of distillation equipment ranges from manual distillers producing 8 gallons per day to automatic commercial distillers with 80 gallon storage tanks, producing 42 gallons per day. We also have countertop dispensers and a controlled location water dispensing station. For more information on the products available, please click here to visit the Durastill corporate website

Our distillers consist of stainless steel parts, including the evaporator tank, cabinet, float, and heating element. The condensing coils are also stainless steel with steel fins. With proper care, Durastill water distillers will last many, many years. Plus, we offer replacement parts, filters and accessories.

Give us a call to learn more and start your path to purified water today! Call 541-772-2293.